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Increase your online presence, generate more revenue and quality leads are essential to survive as a business.  But getting a sale is only half of the work.  Working on your customer retention and turning them into repeat customers would increase your revenue while getting more value out of your paid traffic

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Here at Medito, we work in close collaboration with you to exceed your expectation about lead generation.

But we also recognise the necessity for your business to grow customers into loyal advocates of your brand, turning them into repeat customers.

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Our Proven Process​


  • Feedback of current marketing strategies

  • On site SEO and technical errors report

  • Analysis of Email automation

  • Social engagement and content strategy

  • Complete analysis of your competition

  • Customers needs and goals

  • Creation of a “buyer’s persona”

  • Tailored marketing plan

  • Marketing to existing customers strategy

  • Growth strategy

  • Big data in-depth analysis

  • Segmentation of your customers

  • Smart tracking of your customers

  • Constant A/B testing

  • Optimization

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