Shopify POS for retail operations

For shop owners who sell to customers both in-store and online, a smooth and seamless Point of Sale system or POS system is essential when facilitating and optimising retail operations. 

Shopify’s POS Pro can help you streamline inventory management and payments for businesses that sell online and in physical locations.

Continue reading to learn more about how Shopify POS can simplify your business operations.

What is Shopify POS Pro?

Imagine a POS system that is integrated with your eCommerce platform and all the apps you’re using. Shopify POS Pro is just that. 

It’s a modern and powerful POS system that includes everything you need to sell in physical locations, just as smoothly as when you’re selling online. 

The great news is that if you’re already on a Shopify Plus plan, Shopify POS Pro is included without extra charges. If you’re not, you pay can monthly for Shopify POS Pro for each store you’re using it in.

POS Pro will give you access to a smart inventory management system, a flexible method of receiving payments online and in store, as well as data and analytics to help you make more informed sales decisions.

Centralised inventory management

Stay organised and optimise your retail operations by streamlining your inventory management. With less manual inventory management, you will be able to reduce human errors and allocate your resources more wisely.

With Shopify POS Pro, you can track and monitor your inventory levels across different sales channels and transfer stock based on sales forecasts. This allows you to run your business more proactively and ensure that your best-selling items don't go out of stock and that orders from your suppliers are made in good time.

Seamless in-store and online sales

Look after your customers by offering an omnichannel experience by bridging the gap between in-store sales and online sales. You can for instance attach QR codes to each product in your physical store, so your customers can scan the item to learn more about the product and visit your online store or social media.

Apart from the customers’ shopping experience, you can conveniently fulfil online orders in-store. You can for instance manage delivery or in-store pickups, exchanges, and returns. 

Mobile and flexible POS for payments in physical locations

You can conveniently use Shopify POS Pro from any Android or iOS device to manage payments when selling in physical locations. The platform connects with Shopify card readers and other compatible hardware accessories with ease.

So, whether you’re selling your products or goods in-store, in markets, or in pop-up shops, Shopify POS Pro will enable you to receive payments from your customers.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Sales reports and data analysis are essential to making better decisions in any business operation to increase sales and revenue. 

With Shopify POS Pro you can access accurate sales reports and statistics to make more data-driven decisions with less guesswork.

Access comprehensive reports on your customers’ engagement, buying behaviour and patterns both online and in-store. With such valuable insights, you can provide your customers products and services according to demand and stay ahead of your competitors.

Integration with other Shopify apps

You can easily integrate Shopify POS with other apps in your eCommerce, which gives you advantages of additional features and versatility. 

With integrated apps, you can for instance access advanced sales reports, accounting software, e-mail campaigns, loyalty, or membership program, and much more.

Here are some examples of popular eCommerce apps Shopify POS can be integrated with:

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Klaviyo
  • Zapier
  • Zendesk
  • Hootsuite
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero

Key takeaway of using Shopify POS

Using a comprehensive and mobile POS solution such as Shopify POS can unify several areas in your store operations when you’re selling both online and in stores.

Leverage your resources by connecting your physical brick and mortar store with your online store. Use Shopify POS Pro to manage deliveries or in-store pickups, exchanges, and returns and accept payments from any physical location.

Take more informed business decisions with valuable data gained from the app and save time and avoid manual mistakes during inventory and stock management. 

With Shopify POS Pro you can unlock the potential of your retail store and take it to the next level.

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