Wishlist Plus App Review

One of the most effective ways to improve your customers’ shopping experience is to add a Shopify wish list plugin to your eCommerce. A wish list app has the power to boost sales and client loyalty. 

While there is an abundant supply of Shopify apps with wish list functions, many leave much to be desired. The Shopify app Wishlist Plus, however, has impressive features with the potential for increased conversion rates and improved AOV and LTV. 

This article will help you analyse the pros and cons of the app and see how Wishlist Plus can bring significant benefits to your eCommerce store.  

What is Wishlist Plus? 

Wishlist Plus is a Shopify wish list app that enables your customers to bookmark their favourite products. This allows customers to pick up where they left off whenever they come back to your online store. This way, shoppers can save products for later, which decreases cart abandonment. 

You can also run personalised marketing campaigns with Wishlist Plus, either using email, Instagram, or Facebook. Wishlist Plus is an app by Swym, a shopper engagement platform for eCommerce merchants.

Wishlist Plus pros & cons 

+ Improved conversion rates and AOV

+ Easy to use and to customise

+ Multiple subscription options

- Some customisations could require coding knowledge

- The Premium plan is on the expensive end

Wishlist Plus pros 

There are many pros of Wishlist Plus, such as integrations with leading eCommerce platforms. For example, by integrating with Klaviyo, you can optimise your campaigns and reduce cart abandonment even more. 

Another highlight is leveraging their integrations with popular Email Service Providers (ESP) and sending emails from your own domain. 

However, some of the most appreciated pros of Wishlist Plus are its effect on conversions, ease of use, and subscription options. Let’s take a closer look at these three benefits.

Improved conversion rates and AOV

An outstanding benefit of Wishlist Plus is that it leads to better conversion rates and a higher average order value (AOV) for your eCommerce. 

According to the app, Wishlist Plus users spend 20–30% more than other customers, which can have a significant effect on your sales. The wish list app helps you bring customers back with efficient personalised email campaigns.

Wishlist Plus also states that customers who use wish lists through the app have 36–50% higher order sizes. 

Features such as Multiple Wishlists allow your customers to organise their favourite items into distinct lists, and this creates valuable opportunities for cross-selling. Increasing your AOV in this way is also likely to give your profits a significant boost. 

Easy to use and to customise

The app is also appreciated for how easy it is to set up and customise. You can use the app with its basic settings “out of the box”, and you can have the app up and running in 5 minutes. This works smoothly as it seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme. 

It’s also easy to customise the look and feel of its features to perfectly match your store. You can extend and customise your wish list functionality with Wishlist Plus’ extensive Javascript and REST APIs. 

Wishlist Plus is also user-friendly for your customers, as they can access it from any device and sync their activity across various devices. The app is also mobile-optimised, making it intuitive to use for mobile shoppers, which is important, as an estimated 56% of all online purchases are made from mobile devices.

If you should have any problem, the Shopify wish list app also has good customer service to provide you with the help you might need.

Multiple subscription options

Another highlight of Wishlist Plus is how many subscription options they have. The app has a free plan, and then they offer a Starter plan, Pro plan, and Premium plan. This allows you to choose a plan based on your feature requirements, your monthly session volume, and your budget.

There’s also a 30-day free trial available so you can try out the app for a month before deciding. 

Finally, if the Premium plan is not premium enough for you, Wishlist Plus also has an Enterprise Plan, where you get access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Their Enterprise Plan also includes unlimited app usage quota, their full suite of data integrations and premium hosting infrastructure. 

Wishlist Plus App Plans

Wishlist Plus cons 

Wishlist Plus does not have many cons. Some have mentioned that more in-depth customisations require some coding knowledge. Others mention that the Premium plan is on the expensive end of Shopify Wishlist apps. 

Let’s look at these points and see if they’re matters of concern or not. 

Some customisations could require coding knowledge

Some users have expressed that certain more in-depth customisations on Wishlist Plus can be more complex and require coding experience. Whether this is a con or not could be debated since the app is generally praised as being easy to use and customise. The majority of the app’s features and customisations do not, however, require any coding knowledge.

Furthermore, if you should wish to delve into some more complicated customisations, it is always possible to ask for further support from the Wishlist Plus Team. This will, without a doubt, be useful, as user reviews speak highly of the app’s customer service. 

The Premium plan is on the expensive end

Compared to some other Shopify wish list apps, Wishlist Plus’ Premium Plan is a bit on the expensive side. The Premium plan currently has a price of $99.99 per month. But as the old saying goes – you get what you pay for. 

The Premium plan comes with up to 100,000 monthly site sessions, up to 50,000 Wishlist items and up to 5,000 save-for-later items on a monthly basis. It also includes cross-device analytics and even more customisation options than the other plans. 

If the Premium plan should be outside of your budget, the good thing is that there are three other subscription plans to choose from, all of which have a lot to offer your eCommerce. Even if you don’t select the Premium plan, you can get a lot out of the Wishlist Plus app and its many features. 

How Wishlist Plus helps you achieve a higher conversion rate

Wishlist Plus helps you increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce. Wishlist Plus users reportedly spend 20–30% more than customers who don’t use the wish list app. 

The app allows you to see customers’ Wishlist activity, enabling you to bring customers back with personalised email and ad campaigns. The intuitive dashboard provides you with high-level metrics on your eCommerce store’s wish list activities. You can also get rich insights into your customers’ favourite products. 

Some of the app’s effective campaigns and features include:

  • Email triggers that can notify customers when one of their favourite items is “low in stock” or that the “price dropped”
  • Customers can receive high-performance automated reminder emails for their abandoned wish lists
  • Social re-engagement campaigns can be enabled on Facebook or Instagram based on your visitors’ wish list activities
  • Smart opt-in pop-ups nudge customers to save their email address

How Wishlist Plus helps you achieve a better AOV

Wishlist Plus also helps you increase your average order value (AOV). Wishlist Plus users are reported to have 36–50% higher order sizes. 

One interesting way shoppers are encouraged to spend more per order is through the app’s feature Multiple Wishlists. 

Your customers don’t have to fit all their favourite products on one list. They can organise the items they love into multiple wish lists, which in turn can lead them to naturally wanting to buy certain products together. 

These Multiple Wishlists naturally create valuable opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Gain insight and understand your customers better through their various wish lists, and recommend products based on that knowledge.  

How Wishlist Plus helps you achieve a better LTV

By boosting your AOV, Wishlist Plus also helps you increase lifetime value (LTV), as customers spend more per purchase, an important factor to calculate your LTV. You can find out your LTV by multiplying your AOV with purchase frequency and estimated customer lifespan:

LTV = Average Order Value x Purchase Frequency x Customer Lifespan

Apart from improving your AOV, Wishlist Plus also encourages your customers to return. This has the power to boost both purchase frequency and your customers’ lifespan. 

In sum, Wishlist Plus can have a positive effect on all three factors, which have a direct impact on your LTV. 

The Verdict: Wishlist Plus is a valuable tool for Shopify conversions

Not all Shopify wish list apps are created equal, and Wishlist Plus is without a doubt one of the best ones out there. One of the pros is how user-friendly the app is and how easy it is to customise. Its multiple subscription options are also appreciated, as they allow you to choose the plan that suits your needs and requirements the best.

Most importantly, the many features available have the power to significantly improve your online store’s conversion rates, AOV and LTV. A powerful tool to increase your online store’s conversions on Shopify.


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