Wholesale Shopify Pricing App

Bold Apps to enable customer wholesale pricing on Shopify Stores


How can you get wholesale customers to also buy using your Shopify store?  If you have an existing online store and are currently selling exclusively to regular customers, there is a solution for you to also start accepting orders from your wholesale customers.  We offer an end to end solution for you to be able to manage those wholesalers with your Shopify online store and without disturbing the regular customer shopping experience.  When you start selling wholesale with Shopify, you will probably be looking at things like separate prices for wholesale customers, wholesale registration form, exclusive content for shopify wholesale customers, etc.. 

We have listed below the things you will need and process that we can put in place for you to start selling to those bigger customers, hassle free.


There are currently 2 options for you to apply discounts for your wholesale customers. These two are different wether you wish to apply a general discount on all your products for wholesale customers or if you rather offer specific discount prices for specific products.  The 2 types of discounts can be applied to different wholesale customer groups.  This is useful in the event of you having big and medium wholesale customers for which you would like to apply different discount rates.

The option #1: General discount on all your products

To do this, we will have to install a third party app to your Shopify store which will enable us to create a discount that will be applied to specific wholesale customers who will be tagged with "wholesale" for example.  The discount we will apply can either be a fixed amount or a percentage discount and will then only be visible to the tagged customers. Customers who don't have a tag attached to their profile will not see any changes from their end.  To create this general type of discount, the third party app in use charges $29usd/mo. 

The option #2: Specific product discounts

As mentioned this method will be useful if you wish to offer price reductions for specific products to your Shopify wholesale customers.  This simply means that each one of your products can have the price you want for your wholesalers. The price that the external app charges is then $49usd/mo.


To be able to review the application form submissions and approve them, you will need to create a specific wholesale registration form on your Shopify store. To do so, we can either use the standard Shopify contact us page and customise it or, if your application form is more complex, use an external app offering endless possibilities.  This application form app is free but you would need to go on the paid plan should you wish to remove their branding. 


Here comes the real customisation!  As often heard by the businesses offering this wholesale function on their Shopify store, they wish to have specific content only available for wholesale customers and that other regular customers would not be able to see. This can includes anything from products, pop-up, collections, content on a page, "add to cart" button, etc... Really, there's almost no limits here.  Simply share your plans with us in the form below and we can give you a simple quote for it.  

Wholesale Customer Journey

  • Shopify Wholesale Landing Page

We create a specific landing page for wholesale customers regrouping all the infos they need to get started. This includes your wholesale term's & conditions, a registration form, details about the application and how to become a wholesale customer on Shopify. 

  • Shopify Wholesale Registration Form

The wholesale registration form is made to measure to fit your business needs and the informations you will need to approve the applicants. This can be customised and refined as your business evolves.

  • Submission Review Prior Approval

Once a form is submitted, you will receive the submission to the email address of your choice. The person can then review the informations and get in touch with the applicant if further details are needed.

  • Wholesale Customer Account Invite

Once approved, you would simply need to head to the "customer" section of your Shopify admin, create a new customer that you will tag with "wholesale" and then send them an account invite.

  • Shopify Wholesale Customer is Active

When the wholesaler receives the account invite email, they will set their password and then be able to login and place their first orders.  If they forget their password, they can still reset it as a normal customer hassle free. This is all done from the Shopify side, nothing required from yours.