We've often been asked the question:  "How do I do to sell to my distributors through my Shopify store?"

Today we have decided to bring a clear and detailed answer on the web for you to clearly see and understand what is involved into this and how much it would cost your business to start selling to wholesalers.

If you have any questions regarding how to sell to distributors with Shopify, please contact us from the link below.



YES! This is totally possible but since Shopify is primarily a B2C (business to consumer) platform, you would need to apply a few tricks to make that happen seamlessly. We have listed below the few things that will have to be incorporated to your store. We have also included a couple of things that will help improving both the customers and wholesalers shopping experience


Wholesale Registration Form

Because your wholesale customers are different, we will need them to register an account (to be approved by you) and that isn't using the standard Shopify account registration system.  Depending on the complexity of your application form, we can either build a custom submission form or use an external service that will be integrated to your store.

This will allow you to separately receive the wholesale registrations from your Shopify store while your standard customers can still register a direct account with you ecommerce store.  The wholesale submissions will be received on an email address of your choice. You or someone from your team can then assess if they want to approve a distributor to be part of your Shopify clients or not.  If you decide to approve this wholesaler, you will need to send them an account invite (see more details on the next section).


Wholesaler Account Invite

Now that you have received and assessed your first wholesale form submissions, you will need to send those customers a Shopify customer account activation email.  When doing this, the customer will receive an email from Shopify prompting them to create a password to finalise their account and being able to login and start placing orders.  

The difference with the regular customer account is that a tag will need to be assigned for each of those wholesale customers.  This specific tag will allow you to design a endless possibilities of things specifically for those wholesale customers.  Adding a tag is a very easy process on a Shopify store which can be done following the below steps (click to enlarge).

Create a new customer and add the tag "wholesale" to its account.

Save that customer and you can now click on the "send account invite" link.

From the popup, you can edit the subject, personal message and then send it to the specific customer.

Customise the account invite email

The standard Shopify account activation email is fairly simple but can be totally customised via the code.  This means that we can include specific messages, images, links for the wholesalers so that they receive a nice message to kick off their partnership with you.


Specific Prices for Wholesalers

Now that you have made your distributors able to login via their account, the next thing that you will want is to be able to display specific prices for those wholesalers.  To have different prices per customer types, we will be required to install an external app.  This Shopify app will allow us to create different customer groups based on tags that are assigned to your customers (ie: wholesale).  Once we have created a customer group, we will be able to assign a specific reduced price that will be visible only to those customers and only when they are logged in. 

The type of discount you can do is quite extensive but also defines the monthly price of the app.  Let's say you simply want to give a general 15% discount on all your products and to all your wholesalers, then the recurring cost will be of 29usd/mo.  If you need to have specific price discounts for each one of your products and variants, then you would be charged 49usd/mo from the app provider. 

Note that this app requires Shopify coding skills in order to be installed to your store.  Please contact us if you need assistance


Exclusive Wholesale Products

Which products do you want your distributors to see? 

We can create a handful of possibilities here for you to manage the products that you wish your distributors to have available for purchase. But this also works in the other way!  This means you can have products displayed on your Shopify store that only wholesalers will be able to buy but that regular customers can only see (or not).  


Exclusive Wholesale Collection(s)

Another cool thing to have for your distributors (in case some products are exclusive for them) is a specific wholesale collection that is only accessible by them.  This collection can be linked to their personal account so that they can access it very easily and shop your products.  Most of your Shopify store content can also be edited to suit your distributors need.  As an example you could have a promo banner designed only for wholesalers to inform them of any specific deals or informations.

Simply let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to discuss with you.