Limited Access For Your Facebook Page

In this short article, you will discover how to easily receive and accept a request from us (or someone else) in order to be to manage your Facebook page for you. This is also needed if you decide to undertake any Facebook marketing with us.

If we have directed you to this page, it is likely that we have already sent the request to your Facebook account. You will just need to follow these few simple steps. 


STEP 1: Login To Facebook

You should have received a notification from our Facebook Business account requesting a limited access to your Facebook page. You will need to click on that notification.


STEP 2: Check your notifications

Click on the "Requested Access" notification.


STEP 3: Accept the Request

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see the permission request.


Click on "Respond to Request". 


Select the "Give ... access to my page" option.


Click on the "Approve Request" option.


Finally, simply re-enter your password for security reason and submit to approve the request.


STEP 4: Sit Back & Relax

If you have any questions though, you can always send your account manager a friendly email or contact us from here.