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Why you should hire a marketing consultant

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant: The Complete Guide

Hiring a marketing consultant is always a big step for many businesses, but it is really important.  You always need an outsider perspective to bring objective and fresh new ideas. 

Marketing is always changing, and by using old techniques you are leaving money on the table.  Deciding to hire a marketing expert is the assurance of getting interesting marketing solutions.

If you already have a marketing team, you will understand if they get the most out of your money.  If you do not have anybody for your marketing, it is cheaper and less risky than hiring new employees.  When put like that, it looks like a no-brainer, right?

So, if you have new competitors in your field, if you feel that your business is stalling or that you lack a clear marketing strategy, stay tuned.


  • Why you need a marketing consultant
  • 5 advantages of a marketing consulting
  • What you should be ready to do
  • Our proven strategy
  • Next steps after a consulting

Why you need to hire a marketing consultant

Your business is stalling

There are many signs that your business is stalling.  Maybe your sales are flat and you start to realize that your competitors are starting to grow faster than you. 

You see that your profits are stagnant and your business is going in many directions but you cannot decide which direction the company should take. 

You start to have difficulties to give your trust, but trust is essential for business growth.  You need to take informed decisions and trust people around you to follow the plan.

If any of those sounds familiar, it is time to seek help.  You cannot know everything, if you had the answer you would have solved it already.  Just like professional athletes need coaching, sometimes your business needs advice to move forward.

You have new competitors

To be able to beat your competitors you must first know and understand them.  It is hard to always keep an eye on the marketplace.  Keeping an eye is not enough, you must analyse how they interact with their customers and then understand what they do not bring to them. 

You must highlight your differences, clarify your message and maybe target new markets.  All these solutions take time and it is a waste of resources to try to do everything alone.

You are not converting enough

There are a lot of possible explanations for a poor conversion rate.  The only sure thing is that a low conversion rate hurts your business.

Top 25% of companies convert at ~5%, and the top 10 at ~11%, but it always depends what product/service you are offering, and to whom.

They are multiple reasons behind a low conversion rate.  Your website is maybe giving  a bad first impression, or you fail to recapture abandoned carts, you don’t do any remarketing or you simply don’t know your customers enough.

You are often too committed to see the obvious, that is when you need the help of a consultant. 

You lack a clear strategy

More than a quarter of business owners admit they have no clear strategy at all, or not one that they could articulate. They might enjoy occasional success but rely on luck.  And when people adopt a clear strategy, it is often really similar to their competitors.

A clear marketing  strategy must be aligned with customers needs and corporate/product strategy.  You need an adequate and effective marketing strategy to build momentum.

It is hard to do and takes time, and trends are changing.  It is better now to think of your customers as “communities” than “segments”.

Resource gaps

Resource gaps come in many forms, you can be short in time or budget, lack qualified people or knowledge. 

The truth is that you cannot do everything by yourself. 

You are wasting your time by trying to design newsletters, create content SEO friendly, or creating clumsy header for your social media profiles.  Focus your time on higher payoff work and outsource the rest.

You would hire an attorney for legal advice, right ?  So, why are you not treating marketing the same way?  Marketing is changing really fast, it is almost impossible to follow the latest trend if you don’t dedicate your life to it.

If you want to grow your business, you must focus on marketing.  You won’t create sustainable growth without marketing your business consistently.

Idea of a product/service or short term project

If you plan on launching a new product/service or a short term project and want to make sure it can work, you need to hire a consultant.  Most companies can’t support fast growth, make sure your business is ready and has the proper plan to scale when the product takes off. 

Before you invest too much we can test the product, to determine if your product offers the right features.  It also allows you to make sure your product has a market.  You can identify if your potential customers are ready to buy or not.

Depending on the complexity of your product, your future clients might need to be educated.  Many problems will arise during the launch of your project, make sure you can face them efficiently with a marketing consultant on your side.

5 Advantages of a hiring a marketing consultant

Saves time and money

It is less expensive and risky for your business to hire a marketing consultant than to hire somebody with the same knowledge, experience and expertise on a full-time basis.  Instead of having to manage new full-time employees, you learn how  to delegate. 

Good marketers get the job done in less time than it would take someone who only has superficial knowledge of marketing.  They understand how success arises with different marketing tools and can recommend the best practices according to your goals.

The consultant could also bring ideas on how to optimise your business and save money.

Objective and fresh new perspective

We know that nobody knows your business better than you.  In many cases it is a great advantage, but it can also be problematic.  You might neglect some aspects of your business out of habit.  A marketing consultant brings a new way to look at things.

Marketers are also always aware of the latest trends and will have a new perspective on your problems.

Better ROI

You will have an initial added cost when you hire a marketing consultant, no doubt about it.  But you will actually save money in the long run. 

When you are not sure about your marketing decisions, you have to play around with different tactics and rely on your trial-and-error system.

Marketers know better what is working, and they will keep testing it to always stay optimised.

Better connections

We know you have your own network of capable professionals.  But most of the time, marketing consultants have an entire team of people ready to work on different aspects of the marketing strategy. 

By hiring a marketing consultant, you also hire all the photographers, code writers or graphic designers working for him.


You will get all the expertise your marketing consultant has from previous clients.  Chances are that he faced the same problems you are facing with other customers and has proven solutions for them.

Only by looking at your metrics and learn about your vision, consultants can create tailored advice for your business.

What you should be ready to do

Invest in other parts of your business

Investing in a marketing consultant will increase your revenues, but it might also put pressure on other parts of your business.  You need to be ready to act and invest in order to synergise with your marketing efforts.

When your business starts to grow, you will face new challenges.  You might need a stronger website to support the traffic, an efficient customer service or even a human resources manager.  If you are not ready to face the challenges that come up, you are not ready to hire a consultant.

Your brand must be ready to handle the new volume of sales.

Commit to the plan

Marketing consultants are experts of different subjects.  For example here at Medito, we master all the technical parts of your online business that might hold it back, but we also are email, content and social media ads experts.

We do not take shortcuts, we build a sustainable growth that your business will continue to benefit in the long-term. In order to do that we follow the plan we create with you and for you. 

Once the process starts, you need to trust our actions, as it is the only efficient way to delegate some of your responsibilities and grow your business.

Understand the nature of an “ongoing process”

Marketing is not a single event, but an ongoing process. You cannot do your marketing once and hope for eternal results.  The first three months are really important to optimise all the fundamentals and start growing.  It is not something you do overnight.

Some business owners have unrealistic expectations of marketing.  If you are not ready to invest in your marketing medium to long term, I suggest you spend the money elsewhere.

Our services

Technical audit

We can take care of your website technical aspect better than anyone else.

Overall marketing strategy

We make sure your business implements all the tools that are necessary to stand out online.

Most of the time, clients are unaware of their growth possibilities. We discuss with you about your objectives, desires and values in order to create a strategy that suits your needs.

Analysis of previous marketing campaigns

We understand what works and what does not. We analyse previous marketing actions to learn more about your brand and your customers.  We optimise what worked, correct the mistakes and bring new ideas to the table.

SEO, SEA and content audit

We dive deep inside your analytics and find hidden opportunities.  We compare your content strategy with your competitors and deliver suggestions to drive more traffic to your website.  We will also design a marketing content calendar that correlates with your customer’s demand.

Email marketing audit

You are leaving money on the table if emailing does not provide 20% to 25% of your online revenues.  We inspect your email marketing strategy, your opening rates and click-through-rate and make suggestions about ways to get more money out of it.

Social media ads audit

We examine your business manager, most of the time the techniques used are outdated in 2020.  We inspect creatives, the target audience and remarketing campaigns.  We give our honest opinion about your return on investment and the overall quality of your ads.

Next steps

Now that we know your brand, that we understand your vision and your problems, we can talk about your future. 

With all the insights we acquired during the consulting, we are in a great position to implement the marketing tools that your brand needs.

We usually start with a 3-months plan.  We need to have enough time to correct all the technical issues and marketing problems, implement solutions and start to scale.  Our services include SEO/SEA, content marketing, email marketing and social media ads.

We stay close to you and deliver all the data that could help your business.

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