Does Shopify Design Impact SEO ?


Does the Shopify theme design impact SEO?

This question keeps coming back to forums or blogs specialized on the subject.

However, quite often, the answers provide no concrete information and focus on "hard-core design".

With the massive development of the number of e-commerce sites, it’s often a little complicated to reconcile an attractive design with the SEO of your site.

However, if you decide to put aside the SEO of your site for the benefit of design, your site will be absolutely invisible on the Web. We will see together how specific content (text, images, videos and layout) can influence your SEO.

The idea is to understand how to put your design at the service of your SEO and conversely to ensure that your design does not penalize your SEO.

Ready? Let's go!


The first step is to create graphically attractive, beautiful and, simple pages that are ideal for engaging your visitors and reducing the rebound rate on your page.

Google tends to be more and more human; it will take into consideration the reaction and the behaviour of your visitors.

There are some tips to limit the loss of interest of your Web users:

- Simple information to find.

- Your logo at the top left for a return to your "home" quickly.

- Avoid excessive pop-ups.

- Human visuals to capture attention quickly.

Remember that a user stays on average 8 seconds on a web page. So push your content with a strong impact at the top of the page so that your users don’t have to scroller.

The first goal of Google is to provide information relevant to a specific query. Simplify the information search for the user! If a too big image pushes your content below the "fold" (the first half of your page that is visible when a web user arrives on your website) is that your design is not SEO compatible. You must, therefore, review the layout of your site.

Optimized navigation is also an important factor. A good header and footer is the first thing you can work on. This will give access to your content to any visitor without frustrating him.


It's pretty clear as a title. If your content is not thought to be readable on any screen size, you will have problems regarding the ranking of your site in the search results.

In 2017, more than 52% of global internet traffic was on small screens such as mobiles or tablets. If you don’t think of them when you’re realizing your design, you will be left behind regarding the search results.

You have the possibility to test the mobile compatibility of your website thanks to the Google tool.


So how do you know if you have a good quality design or if, on the contrary, you have to rework certain things?

To analyze if you have a good design, you can use "users tests". There are countless agencies and services that are able to interact and give feedback on the design and functionality of your website.

These services (UserBrain, Usertesting, Crazy Egg, Unbounce or Hotjar) will give you objective advice on how people interact with your content. If you are looking for professional analysis, you can also contact us.

It’s always important to perform tests. Use free services like Google Optimize, is a good way to optimize your website and especially your landing pages.

Remember, being able to make design changes on the fly is crucial.

Shopify is one of the best platforms for making the necessary changes in this field.


The goal is that targeted web users arrive on your website, but also (above all) to stay there!

If it's too difficult to read, not attractive enough or too complicated, they will decide to go back to the search results to find a better answer to their needs.

This action is also called the rebound rate. This has the effect of telling search engines that your site does not respond satisfactorily to this or that information search.

Google's RankBrain robot takes into account these behavioural signals in order to constantly improve the algorithm and to better classify the sites in the SERPs. If your design scares your visitors, your ranking will suffer the impact.

Here are some tips to avoid the most common design mistakes.


Pop-ups can be useful. However, they actually give an impression of suffering for your visitors, especially if they are bombarded with pop-ups before they even have access to your content.

Use them separately and don’t rush your visitors when they arrive on your site. Generally, you need to build trust for your audience before asking them for any information about them.


If you have chosen a font that is too small, too hard to read, or that your text is part of a background with an aggressive colour, users will not hesitate to skip your message. Using a content optimization tool to read will help you and will ensure that your text is always enjoyable for your visitors.


 You should never use music or videos that will be played automatically on your site. If so, make sure it’s silent at launch and allow the user to turn on the sound if they wish.


Once the layout and structure of your site are fixed, you must diversify your content to make it attractive. This will make your page stand out. This content will not only increase the implication. It will also generate backlinks.

Other sites will mention your article if they find that your content adds value to their users.

Here is an example of original content that can create good backlinks:

- original videos

- infographics

- statistics and quizzes

- interviews with influencers in your sector

- good articles

- online tools

- Diversified content with a low loading time

It’s indeed essential to have a diversified and quality content. However, you must ensure that the loading time of your web pages remains low!

Loading speed has become one of the major challenges for a website to be effective and well referenced. A high loading time increases the rebound rate we discussed earlier. It’s essential to have a site that loads quickly.

As an indication, you have to know that you lose 8% of traffic every extra second! For e-commerce sites, you lose 8% of potential customers. The main reason for this loading time is the images. These valuable and important images for your users can also be the reason for their departure.

We have done a quick tour of the subject, there are other impacts of web design on your SEO, but you are already well informed!

Feel free to share this article if it has been helpful for you.