Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

+ 78% Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Rich Glen Olive Estate is an Australian based farm producing a wide range of Olive Oil based products.  They have been selling through their Shopify online store since early 2016.  Medito Digital has been responsible for their website migration over to Shopify and we have kept an eye on the website ever since.   Around the end of 2017, our team realised that their organic conversion rate was drastically lower on Mobile (around 2%) than the one on Desktop (around 6%).    We've advised Rich Glen that they should investigate those results especially since their mobile traffic was about 83% higher than their desktop users.


We first advised them that we should perform an in-depth analysis of their mobile website traffic to better understand where they were losing those visitors and why they were not converting.   Our team has analysed their traffic mainly using Google Analytics but also by reproducing the purchase flow that the regular customer would follow.  This has helped us to understand things such as where are those visitors first landing on the website, which paths could they possibly follow, was it easy enough for them to navigate to the products and between the products, etc... 

From our analysis, we have suggested different points of improvements to be implemented on those different pages where most of the visitors were leaving.

Our optimisation work has been realised on a 3 months timeframe to respect and fit our client's plans.


  • Improved page load speed.
  • Enhanced website navigation.
  • Reduced number of clicks to get to the products.
  • Increased website internal links to reduce the exit rate.
  • Strategic redesign of pages. 

After completing the listed work above, we have been able to see a consistent increase in the mobile e-commerce conversion rate. While some may think this could be due to a seasonal change or some external stakeholder, we know this is the result of our effort because their desktop conversion rate has actually been decreasing for the same month.

We believe in deep data analysis to understand Shopify store issues, which enables us to bring laser focused solutions to the table. 

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